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Leveraging deep knowledge in dairy procurement, commodity risk management, and farm to consumer value chain, McCully Consulting™ offers stakeholders tools and insights to understand the nuances of economic impacts on dairy-based food products, providing solutions to optimize strategic results.

The McCully Report

The McCully Report is a monthly dairy market newsletter with price forecasts for all major US dairy commodities and classes of milk as well as market insights. The report summarizes US and global market drivers into concise impacts on dairy prices. 


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Business Consulting

Dairy is a unique agriculture product as it is “harvested” daily. In the U.S. and other key regional production areas, dairy farming and pricing are supported or regulated by government authorities.

Commodity Risk Management

Dairy is a highly price-volatile agricultural ingredient. Most agricultural crops are harvested annually, but dairy (milk) is harvested daily and must be kept refrigerated and processed within a narrow time frame.

Procurement and Supply Chain Strategy

With over 25 years of experience in agriculture procurement and supply chain, McCully Consulting™ is uniquely positioned to support businesses in their assessment of procurement and overall supply chain.


With over 25 years of experience and a wealth of dairy knowledge, McCully Consulting™ has created Dairy 101 training which provides a comprehensive introduction to the dairy industry.


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