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Has the time come for federal order reform 2.0?

The dairy market disruptions from COVID-19 through 2020 and into 2021 exposed flaws in the foundation of U.S. dairy policy and milk pricing. Numerous discussions have been had over negative producer price differentials (PPDs), depooling, the Class I formula, and other...

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Is It Time to Simplify Milk Pricing?

Tossing out federal orders is not necessary, but a system that balances the needs of both the fluid and export markets must be considered for the future. The unprecedented volatility in dairy markets over the last several months has raised questions about how milk is...

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The McCully Report

The McCully Report is a monthly dairy market newsletter with price forecasts for all major US dairy commodities and classes of milk. The report summarizes US and global market drivers into concise impacts on dairy prices. Mike McCully, a leading dairy industry expert...

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Is It Time for Supply Management?

As in every downturn in milk prices over the last century in the US, groups of dairy farmers, primarily small farm advocates, are talking about some type of supply management system in an effort to increase milk prices. The concept is simple – produce enough milk to...

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Block Barrel Spread – 2018

Over the last two years, there has been a lot of talk about the historically wide spread between Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) block and barrel cheese prices. Various reasons have been offered up, but the causes are rooted in several supply and demand factors....

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What’s Next for US Dairy Plant Capacity

Over the last few years, milk processing capacity, or the lack of it, has been frequently discussed. U.S. milk production continues to grow, the equivalent of more than 7.5 million pounds per day each year. The United States has added a significant amount of milk...

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