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Dairy Market Insights and Expertise

Dairy is a unique agriculture product as it is “harvested” daily. In the U.S. and other key regional production areas, dairy farming and pricing are supported or regulated by government authorities. For the past ten years, McCully Consulting has helped food companies understand the nuances of the economic and business impacts of dairy-based agriculture and food products. With over 25 years of experience in procurement, risk management, and supply chain, we have the ability to assist businesses in a wide range of strategic endeavors:

Economic assessment of industry-wide initiatives, including sustainability, dairy price discovery, U. S. milk pricing reform, and the “future” of dairy

Providing dairy market insights to those industries and businesses supplying dairy companies including packaging and ingredients

Identification of potential solutions to regional or national dairy challenges such as perishability, milk sourcing, balancing production, and usage

Serving as a Board Director or Consultant to dairy-based companies to provide U. S. dairy expertise as a key component of corporate governance

Providing Expert Witness support for U.S. Dairy pricing contracts

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