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Commodity Risk Management

Navigating Dairy’s Price Volatility

Dairy is a highly price-volatile agricultural ingredient. Most agricultural crops are harvested annually, but dairy(milk) is harvested daily and must be kept refrigerated and processed within a narrow time frame. This results in a product where weather, feed and output must be constantly monitored and small disruptions can create large variations in supply and, therefore, price. These price disruptions exasperate the need for risk management through traditional risk management tools and the integration of supply cost and customer marketing strategies. McCully Consulting has deep experience leading risk management in dairy organizations of all sizes. Services provided include:

Provide outsourced risk management services

Assist companies in the management of volatile agriculture inputs

Develop risk management policies and best-in-class practices, including appropriate controls and key performance metrics

Develop tools to assist in the quantification of economic impacts of price variation in dairy products

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