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The McCully Report

A Decade of Valuable Insights for Dairy and Food Companies Worldwide

For over ten years, The McCully Report has provided valuable insights to dairy and food companies across the globe. Published monthly, the report includes key information and market insights, including:

  • Global dairy market conditions
  • U.S. Feed Prices and Dairy Farm Margins
  • Milk Production by Key Global Region
  • Market Analysis
    • Cheese
    • Butter
    • Milk Powders
    • Whey Products
    • Fluid Milk

Comprehensive Monthly Price Forecasts for Key Dairy Ingredients

Detailed monthly price forecasts for every key dairy ingredient to assist in purchasing, budgeting, and strategic decision making are also included:

  • FMMO component and milk prices
  • Milk Powders
    • NFDM
    • Europe and NZ/GDT SMP
    • NZ/GDT WMP
    • BMP
  • Cheese (CME and NDPSR)
  • Butter (CME and NDPSR)
  • Whey Products
    • WPC 34
    • WPC 80
    • WPI 90
    • Lactose

A Vital Decision-Making Tool for Dairy and Food Industry Leaders

The McCully Report is a valuable decision-making tool for business leaders in purchasing, supply chain, finance, marketing, and sales as it relates to dairy procurement, commodity risk management, and overall net profit management. Arriving monthly via email, the monthly insights have become a go-to for the world’s leading dairy and food companies, grocery retailers, and other firms involved in producing and selling dairy products.

The McCully Report focuses on conventional dairy milk and products across the globe. To provide specific support for Organic Dairy needs, a separate The Organic Quarterly Report is available to those businesses with a specific focus on producing and marketing organic dairy products. A key feature of the quarterly organic report is indicative pricing for organic milk, cream, milk powders, whey products, butter, and cheese.

Monthly Report

Annual Subscription to The McCully Report (12 issues per year)

Created for dairy procurement and risk management professionals, economists, trading companies and others who desire a deep dive into US dairy market dynamics and an overview of global dairy markets, coupled with price forecasts

$1,995 annually

Monthly Report & Insights Call

Annual Subscription to The McCully Report (12 Issues per Year)

Monthly call with Mike, discussing the report and business specific opportunities and risks

Intended to provide a deeper dive into the report specifics and how changing market dynamics can impact sourcing, risk management and business strategies

$3,495 annually

Quarterly Organic

Annual Subscription to TMG Quarterly Organic

Created for dairy professionals with specific interest in the organic dairy market.

$995 annually

Business Specific Insights

Forecasts, historical data, and insights customized to your specific interests and business

 Proprietary database of 700 dairy plants in the US with volume estimates, product details, and more

Based on specific needs, forecasts, reports, and data sets can be tailored for delivery one time, biannually, quarterly, or monthly

Determined by project

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